An Instagram fan ? 5 places you need to visit at Tozeur to have the most beautiful pictures


you cannot come to Tozeur and not get fascinated by it beauty and incrdible charm where you can discover many wonderful places

, eat as much as you can delicious food and take a lot of beautiful pictures that will make your memories unforgettable.

Specially if you choose to post these pictures on your social media accounts and that’s only when the comments will never stop.
A very simple raison will leave your pictures at Tozeur remarquable, the lighting and all what you need to have a professional photo is 100% natural, all you need is your camera or even your phone’s cam only.
In Tozeur, you’ll find everything ready for you to just shoot and take pictures like the one of your favorite stars, you’ll automatically had a filter done on your pictures.
The clouds, the sky and the sun could do nothing but ameloring your photos when your having a vacation at Tozeur without mentioning the natural places and monuments which set Tozeur the perfect destination for everything you want to do.

1. Tamerza


The background of the photo you’ll take in Tamerza not only composed of one background but even more than 3 backgrounds where your picture could be much prettier than ever
The nature you can discover at Tamerza is exactly the one we see on the movies, just imagine a movie scene where there’s some cowboys and a desert, and yes ! that’s exactly how Tamerza look but with it own special unique touch with the color of palms and oasis that you cannot found anywhere else

And what always made Tamerza a very special place is the much of activities you could do there
From climbing mountains to swimming in natural pools

2. Mos Espa

It’s barely impossible to put the word Tozeur and shooting pictures in the same sentence without talking about Mos Espa where been filmed the first episode of the international famous movie  » star wars  »
Because of this film, Mos Espa becomes very famous, every tourist who comes to Tozeur, you will find Mos Espa in the places he must visit or he cannot consider himself been at Tozeur

In this place, you can consider yourself like you are at space where it feels like you’re flying from the moon and jumping on mars

A place that we are sure that you will want to share with your friends, family and colleagues and starting your Facebook live without wanting to ever ending it

3. Chak Wak – Dar Chrait


This is where you find yourself travelling from a country to another and from a time to the other while you’re just taking a ride at the same place.

These two museums tell the stories of humanity thru geant figures and dinosaurs and pyramids

Which is something you want everyone to be with you at it amazing journey

4. Awled El Hadef


Between it ancien architecture and it very old style, it a bit long streets but wonderful ones !
The time you’ll pass lost between it walls, you could pass taking pictures at it unique style
If you ever look for a spirtuial adventure ?  Awled El Hadef is your destination !

It old habitants said it’s the sacred heart of their city because at Awled El Hadef is where life begins for them.

5. Chott El Djérid

They said this place was a whole sea, even for now, when you look at it, you feel like it was a sea once!

It’s full of salt now, specially the moment that sun shine on it, it looks like diamonds and crystal on the floor

If you ever think of coming to Tozeur, it’s time to take that adventure ! Start packing your bags and enjoy this precious place
Much more to discover, it’s up to you now !

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